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With his piercing blue eyes, sculpted physique, and enough masculine swagger to fill a cell block, it didn’t take long for Christopher Meloni to gain the attention of gay men after he stepped into the role of bisexual criminal Chris Keller at the age of 37 on HBO’s prison drama But it was his outspoken support of LGBT causes at the time that turned that attention into a loyal fan following.Now, 15 years later, the 52-year-old father of two quickly reminds me why he is still one of the strongest examples of a straight ally in Hollywood.That’s what makes them happy.’ He just said, ‘Oh, OK,’ and that was it.

In June 2012, he returned to HBO, as the vampire Roman on the main cast of True Blood for the series' fifth season.As we sit at a table near the back of the Universal Hilton’s lobby lounge to discuss his latest role, on Fox’s new comedy Meloni throws back his head and laughs when I ask him what he thinks of homophobic parents who claim same-sex marriage will confuse children. “I remember when he was 7 and he looked at a gay couple who are friends of ours and asked, ‘Are they married?’ I said, ‘They’re partners and they love each other.“I got a lot of letters and had personal meetings where gay men of a certain age, usually men slightly older than me, let me know how important seeing that character was to them.It was important because they lived in Matthew Shepard country. They lived under this code of manliness in the middle of nowhere.

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That’s why you need to have a responsible adult around you to guide you through like his mother did and say, ‘You’re not gay. Let’s deal with how you want to operate on that level.’ You can’t ignore these things and pretend like they don’t exist.” It’s a line of thinking Meloni says he applies to his own parenting as he tries to foster an inclusive view of the world in his own children. I think that’s the kind of example, the type of behavior, that’s going to push us forward.

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